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Espacio y Tiempo "Hotel de Montaña" - Where we are



Our small and friendly mountain hotel is nestled in the heart of the Northern Carretera Austral, surrounded on two sides by the hills of the Rosselot Lake National Reserve and opposite to the town of La Junta * The Town of Encounters*.

From this location we are close to beautiful Rosselot Lake (8 km), Palena River (1 km), Rosselot River (0.8 km), and countless rivers and surrounding lakes.

The strategic location of La Junta, with Puyuhuapi and the Queulat National Park to the south (44 km), Raul Marin Balmaceda to the west (75 km) and Lago Verde to the east (74 km), makes us an ideal operations center to enjoy the Northern Chilean Patagonia: sports fishing in lakes or rivers, horseback riding, hiking, hot springs or simply riding in a car to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of northern Aysén.

For those traveling with a little technology, the following is a useful tip:

Espacio y Tiempo Hotel coordinates:
S 43º58.303´
O 072º24.043´


By Land

  • From Osorno and Bariloche

    From Osorno crossing the Puyehue Step towards Bariloche (3 1/2 hours) FLOOR IN GOOD CONDITION

    Bariloche to Esquel ( 3 1/2 hours) FLOOR IN GOOD CONDITION


    TOTAL SECTION Osorno – La Junta: 800 KM (11 HOURS)

  • From Coyhaique

    200 km paved and 70 km gravel road in good condition, slow mountain road to go through the Queulat National Park. (COYHAIQUE, MAÑHUALES, VILLA AMENGUAL, QUEULAT PARK, PUYUHUAPI, La Junta). TOTAL SECTION COYHAIQUE – LA JUNTA: 270 KM (5-6 hours)

  • From Chaitén

    TOTAL SECTION CHAITEN – LA JUNTA: 150 km (2 1/2 hours), 80 roads, 70 gravel in good condition.



  • From Puerto Montt to Chaitén

    Todo el año:All year long: From Puerto Montt to Chaiten (9-10 hours) or from Quellón to Chaitén (6-7 hours) ferry, then land, 150 km to La Junta (80 roads, 70 gravel in good condition).

  • FERRY NAVIERA AUSTRAL  www.navieraustral.cl 
    (Routes, schedules, online booking and purchase)

  • From Quellón to Chaitén                See   www.navieraustral.cl
  • From Quellón to Raul Marín B., via Melinka  See www.navieraustral.cl

Dual Mode Route (Terrestrial and Marine)

  •  KemelBus  from Puerto Montt uses Dual Mode route to Chaitén. Daily itineraries. (56-65-225 6450 in Puerto Montt) Information  www.kemelbus.cl
  • From Hornopirén to Caleta Gonzalo  with sections on land and barge, interspersed, using private vehicles.
    (See www.taustral.cl, to schedules, reservation and booking online with at least 48 hours in advance. 
    Hornopirén phone: 65-2217266 daily, 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. - continuous day during December, January and February.
    Office closes at noon the rest of the year.) 

    To reach Hornopirén from Puerto Montt in your own car, 

 --From Puerto Montt to Caleta La Arena, 45 km (40 paved, gravel 5) Cruce Caleta La Arena to Caleta Puelche in Barge with Schedules, 40 minutes.
  --  Caleta Puelche to Hornopirén (Black River), land,  

"Dual Mode Route" from Hornopirén to Caleta Gonzalo:

1) Cruce Hornopirén- Leptepú barge "Dual Mode Route" according to schedules.
--   Leptepú to Fjord Largo, terrestrial, 10 km gravel.
2) Cruce Fjord Largo- Caleta Gonzalo on Barge "Route Bimodal" according schedules.
--  Caleta Gonzalo to Chaitén, 60 km gravel ground.

From Chaiten to La Junta, land 150 km (80 roads, 70 gravel in good condition). 


  • From Puerto Montt to Chaitén 

    From Puerto Montt (40 min) to Chaiten (Airfield Santa Barbara) by plane, then 150 km to La Junta (80 roads, 70 gravel in good condition).

    FLIGHTS WITH ITINERARY-Puerto Montt – CHAITEN - Puerto Montt - With Pewen or AEROCORD from Puerto Montt (www.aerocord.cl and www.pewenchile.com

From Santiago to BalmacedaFrom Santiago or Puerto Montt to Balmaceda Airport, Usefull to Coyhaique (55 km). After 270 km (5-6 hours) north Direction to La Junta (see By road from Coyhaique, described above).
FLIGHTS FROM SANTIAGO or Puerto Montt to Coyhaique (Balmaceda) on LAN or SKY AIRLINE